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After a long-ish hiatus, I am making a commitment to getting back to focusing on music.  With over 20 years of experience, I've picked up a lot of skills along the way and would love to share my knowledge with you.  I'm especially interested in helping out artists just getting their groove on and into making their own music and thinking about how to improve, hone their skills, collaborate, or just a little help polishing your act/profile for prime time
I'm also a photographer and graphic designer.  Maybe you need a sharp new logo, maybe you need some sweet new promo pictures for you or your band?   Love to collaborate and help bring out the best in you.   We'll also make sure everything is cleared away for you to use on your social media, website, album covers...whatever.   

Graphic Design/Web Design/Artwork & Layout
Maybe you need a sharp new logo?  Maybe you need a fancy schmancy website?  Maybe you've got everything already and are ready to put out that new LP?   I can help create the elements, or take your existing stuff and get it ready for printing/production and digital distribution.  I've designed album art for CDs, 12" vinyl records, tapes, as well as digital solutions (USB pkgs, download cards, etc.).
Music Lessons
This is the thing I get asked about the most and turn down the most often.  There are a TON of great and established teachers out there.  I do think there’s an opportunity to learn some new things with me (within your current musical abilities), then identify some areas of technique/improvement that you can work on with your current music instructor.  Let’s work together!   
Ask Me Anything!
Maybe you want a few pieces of the above, maybe you want something entirely different.  Maybe I can help you!  Maybe I can't.....but maybe I know someone who can!  I've met lots of amazing people along the way and would love to connect you with them.   One thing I've learned along the way is "it never hurts to ask".   So don't be afraid to drop me a line and tell me your idea.
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